1. Miranda SwiftMiranda is a Brighton based artist with a background in fine art sculpture and kiln formed glass work, creating fine hallmarked jewellery with a modern twist.  Many pieces can be worn by either sex and she has made items for weddings, civil partnerships and commitment ceremonies as well as everyday jewellery. Miranda works in silver, gold and platinum creating affordable and versatile pieces, inspired by nature, the elements and concepts from alchemy. Her work is flowing, sculptural and symbolic of lifecycles, welding artistic concept and wearable craft.

      Miranda Swift : Silver Rose necklace

      The jewellery often uses homegrown and foraged objects, “Some of the organic objects come from my garden, such as poppy heads and chilli peppers.” Miranda uses a variety of techniques such as carving in sugar before casting in metal. This reaches back to fine art pieces where sugar was used to create forms (see fine art gallery for examples).


      The artist welcomes individual commissions and she is happy to arrange visits to her studio by appointment. For more information please contact her here or on 07956546994